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A Game Completed

57:47:48 and Digital Devil Saga 2 is beaten. That means that DDS kept me amused for 142:07:50 in total...



The DDS2 is a direct continuation for the first part of the saga and therefore the plot takes on where the first part left it. In order to avoid further spoilers, I'll leave the summary in that. You don't absolutely need to have played the first part in order to get the hang of DDS2, but it sure helps -and gives one a much deeper experience. (And certain things can carry over from the first part, and there is no other way to get them.)


Not much has changed as for the innards of the game. The fighting system is the same, the dungeons are still tunnelious and also the graphs look just like in the first part. In so much so, that you will definitely run into the same demons as you have run into in the first part -and in the other SMT games as well. Though it would be nice for those to be atleast slightly updated, it doesn't affect the enjoyment that much...


..for the story keeps kicking arse, the first part is almost just a warm-up for what follows in the second part. The story is surprising, and I dare say that not every game of this genre dares to do what this one did: not only does it cruelly kill people up, and have a good adult thouch in it all, it also handles interestingly and questioningly technology, humanity, and life and death. Also god and god's nature are involved hugely. (And hey, you are going to go and devour people up to boost your skills... and it doesn't take long for you to really think them just as another meal 8D. There wasn't a smiley, you didn't see it.) The whole game is also a great fun to any person interested in symbolism and symbols. It's really filled with those, from tip to toe. The story really gives one things to think of for even after beating of the game.
(And the ending speach brought Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol's stuff to my mind, hehe.)

Well, the fighting system is -naturally- the same. Turnbased thing, with turns counted on the top corner of the screen, HP/MP stuff listed in the down corner, attacks being chosen from a customizable menu. You can freely choose the skills to teach each of your characters and this gives you a great possibility to balance their weaknesses and boost their strengths just the way you like.

What they did add, is the customizable rings that you can equip your characters, giving them extra stat boosts and special abilities -for example extra turns or immunities for certain attacks. These are really handy expecially when facing the more difficult opponents.

Also there was another great addition: the berserk mode. The solar data flow goes up and down from 0 to 8 and back while walking, shown as a circle on the top left corner of the screen at all times, and when it's on it's max, your party is very likely to ”lose control” of their atma, making them change half-demons. Not only does that look cool, but it boosts their attack tremendously -and lowers the defence likewise. It brings a great twist to the tunnel runs.

There was also other changes and additions, like special battles and new look for the mantra (skill learning) system, that gave something new to play around with.

The enemies attack in random encounter style -and the encounter rate is very high throughout the game. Luckily the battles are rather fast paced, and therefore this doesn't make the longer dungeons killers -unless you are desperately in need of restore of HP and MP (but the game does offer save point surprisingly often so the help is never extremely far away). Yet the experience point and money balance seem to be in better shape than in the first part: you level up reasonably easily, and even though you are broke pretty much all the time, you can at least gain some money in pretty good pace.


Alright, so the game looks pretty much the same? Yuup, but one delightful thing that I noticed was that the looks of the DDS2's dungeons kept getting more and more interesting towards the end. So even if it's a tunnel after a tunnel, in the last dungeon, I at least was very much hyped of the looks of it.

As an another thing in the looks' side.. ..I could change few words with someone who came up with some looks of the new characters. That one was just so ...blocky. But, just like the first part, the looks are great and personal. The animation flows in great manner -and the voice acting is done wonderfully.

Alright, every game should have stuff aside the storyline right? The answer is yes. DDS2 offers only few minigames, and just like the first part: a pile of optional bosses. Somehow though one would have hoped something different aside of these too. Expecially since the DDS2 was very fastly played -optional bosses beaten and all. For a new playthrough the game offers a Hard more and a new, ultimate optional boss. And since you can get killed really easily in this game if you enter a fight with wrong skills setup, you can bet on the Hard meaning HARD. Not to mention that the optional bosses were veery strong to start with..


Anyway, this game is expectional with one of the most intriguing stories that I have ever played through, accompanied with great set of personal characters and enjoyable fighting system.





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Jul. 26th, 2011 09:23 am (UTC)
Oh man I so like reading your gametalkies! You should make a gaming blog or something, or maybe even write for a magazine xD 'Cause they're good, informing and fun without spoiling anything!

That said, I should really get back to DDS1 myself :I I've been stuck in one point 'cause I'm far too weak to fight onwards, but I haaate level grinding like noooooooo~
But I have DDS2 just waiting for me with pleading eyes but I dun wanna play it before I finish the first one ;3;
...I'm stuck in all my Atlus games because of the same reason xD HNNGGHH.
(And I still want Catherine so bad!)
Jul. 29th, 2011 04:24 pm (UTC)
Heee, I'm glad! I was sure I sucked as a review writer, but it's so nice to write about games... =w=.
And writing for a magazine would be wa~ay awesome, but I'm maniacing ps2, and kids nowdays, good if they have ever touched one >u>'... And game blog would sure be cool too, must think about it. In the other hand, I write these ones here openly too (so any wandering soul can read them.. ..and then be all "O____ö the hell" when there are bjd photos in between posts >u>'').

Noo, you absolutely must play that through and get to DDS2! They are pure awesome~
But true enough, the leveling did get a bit heavy in the first part. Even for me and I do sort of like psychogrinding.. I do remember running a circle on this one top-floor while with the other hand playing something silly on pc >__>''.
(I want it too! But it's gonna be puzzleous and fast paced, I'm sure I'm gonna diee T^T.)
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