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This Hollow World

I made it! I got out of the apartment today with camera and Deia! ...It was a gloomy evening, and I might have been a bit tired after school and getting stuffed by too heavy Chinese food... And my wannabe camera skills are more rusted than ever, I recon, but if you believe you can survive that, here is few photos I got today:

She was totally borrowing Aki's shoes. They were kinda big u__u'.

She was looking so sad T_T. Maybe it was because the missing scalp, maybe it's compassion sadness due Aki has his whole head away? Maybe because Luel thinks she is a weird cosplayer... Or then it's just 'cos I'm lazy and don't poke my bjds enough u__U.

So pretty legs! Hmm, maybe the humongous boobs are the only thing I dislike. And she could be a bit smaller. She is gorgeous, but big and heavy... Well, as long as Lu is taller, the peace is on Earth.

From gloomy to scary.

Oh, and I'm doubting her face-up. It's, yeah, pretty, but too hollow for me. Or I often feel that it's too smooth, too pretty, too goody-goody-polished. She might need a bit more edge and personality to her face. And lighter eyes. And a wig of her own. Damn!