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A Game Completed! Okami

Ohm, been a while, so not the best text I have ever written....

65:10:34 exactly and I have made a world a better place to be. In the world of Okami game, that is.

The lands of Nippon are devastated by a strange phenomenon, turning the lands to cursed zones and the humans to stone, and demons run loose everywhere. To make the world green once again, and to chase away the evil, the Sun god Amaterasu awakens in a form of white wolf like in an old legend. But that isn't the only legend that has taken to life, and the other legends just might not be as nice...

The story itself is presented in a form of a traditional legend, where good gods face the bad guys, but the characters and the surprising turns of events make the story work nicely all the way. The main character Amaterasu is a white wolf and the side-kick is Issun, a bug sized wandering artist that tags along from the start and does the talking for the two. On the way through the country they restore the land -and Amaterasu's lost powers- by gathering different brush techniques which are an essential part of the game. There are a huge lot of other characters, from villagers to villains, and they too are designed with lots of imagination, just like the whole game.

The design of the whole game is greatly influenced -obvoiusly- by historical Japan. All the looks are very polished and mimic japanese ink paintings from the videos to in-game looks. And what would be more fitting, since you are gathering brush techniques yourself and using them to make trees bloom and waters flow? Okami is definitely an art game, it looks amazing and everything in it looks unique, fresh and imaginative.

The sound world follows the example, loaning a lot from traditional japanese music. So the looks and sounds play perfectly together. Also, there are no voice actors, but all the speaking is made with weird voices, that first surprise and then becomes a natural part of the whole (and they are as different as the characters they belong to, so they are quitw amusing).

The gameplay also works as a dream. The camera keeps up perfectly, Amaterasu moves with ease and follows exactly the orders of the controller. Using the Celestial Brush, ie using a huge brush to draw action commands on screen (picture), works wonderfully once you get the hang of it. Which is good, since the Celestial Brush is what you are supposed to ne using all the time. Regular ”press square to attack” and so are there too, but with that you won't get far when it comes to the more difficult enemies.

In Okami the battles happen, but are not the main thing. To gain the godhood back, you must help people and plants, which then give you ”praise”, sort of experience points, which you can use to boost Amaterasu's attributes. And doing these small tasks, like fetching things or repairing them, is what the most of the play time will be spend with. And not because one has to, but because one wants to (and alright, ”has to” a bit too). They come in many shapes and are surprisingly fun. The truth is that the main story could be played through with maybe half the time that I used. But all the side quests, that in many other games might be a headache, are the big shiny thing in Okami, they are delightful and rewarding to complete.

The numerous minigames also give point to the new game+ possibility, since you probably missed something, or didn't find all the hidden treasures or catch all the fishes from lakes and oceans. So there is almost certainly new things to find and collect, and completing the game once gives you funny extra gifts for the new round...

When all the points are added together we get an unique, all the way polished game, that fits for all the ages because of it's story and good-willed humor. It's downright fun in a shape of a game and will give a smile to your face. Since it's so different from all the other games, even those who usually don't go for this genre should go for Okami. It's awesome, just play it.



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Nov. 14th, 2012 06:09 am (UTC)
Okami <3 *o* Damn, pitäis pelata tätäkin taas, kun en ole pelannut pitkään aikaan ;^;
Nov. 20th, 2012 10:24 pm (UTC)
Aye, ja oli se hieno peli <3.
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