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A Game Completed! Portal 2

Haha, it's been a while since I wrote these, so I was a bit frozen with words. Not to mention that I finished this game a month ago...

Now how does it feel like to wake up after you have slept too long -by years? And to realize that you are in a testing facility with things that just might kill you, and most definitely hate you enough to make you suffer for the rest of your life as a test subject...

Yeah, those who played Portal 1, probably thought that they were safe now. Oh no. You indeed wake up in a testing facility, and it doesn't take long to be running around making portals, hoping to get away from there, not knowing if there is anyone alive anymore.. anywhere. And to have only robots to accompany you, who, well, do not love you. That's a lovely way to spend a day, eh?

There isn't many characters in Portal 2. Even the main character is a mute thing who you know nothing about. But since it's a short game and you have Glados (the very intelligent robot who does not love you) talking to you, it won't bother you that much. After all, with so wonderfully written as she is and Wheathly (the robot who does not exactly hate you, right?) too, they fill the short game nicely. And since all the voice acting (I think there was three voice actors in total, wow) is made magnificently, it's very pleasing as it is. The music the game has suits it very well, even though only the ending is something to remember. The background story isn't told much about either, but the world seems interesting when you try to speculate its past events out. Apparently the game wanted to keep the focus mainly in the puzzle solving, but a little bit more wouldn't have hurt.

While to wonder what has happened so that a testing facility of this humongous size ends up all abandoned is very interesting, it's looks stay pretty much the same all the way. A bit shinier areas here, a bit rustier there, but it's still a huge puzzle dungeon. While the quality is good, the looks are very simple. Put it fits the game nevertheless. Though any longer and you would have been crying for more variety.

So the game is a puzzle solving game, where you are only given one object to use aside of legs for running around. The portal gun. You can shoot one shot to make a portal here and another somewhere else and by walking through them, you can move through the test chambers. To give variety to the chambers there are some rays that allow you to float, glide, jump, etc.

Aside of the main game, the players are also offered a co-op, playing two robots armed with portal guns. Solving the chambers with a friend is a great feature, especially since otherwise the game suffers from what all puzzles suffer: when you have solved the riddle once, that's that. The moment that you get it, really get it, how to solve a hard puzzle, gives you a great feeling after a good amount of irritation. But the really hard puzzle just won't be really hard to solve again.

So the game is a nice little treat armed with wonderful Glados, who could be the sole reason alone to play this game. And, well, Portal 2 is propably as good as a puzzle games can be, even with it's short life span and simple looks and only half told story.